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anzac day tours and trips

Anzac Day Tours & Trips

In 1915, the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps arrived in Turkey, and fought an ill-fated mission during the First World War. Anzac Day marks the anniversary of this event and honours the fallen soldiers with a service hosted on the Gallipoli peninsula. Despite the sombre atmosphere, it’s a way to pay respect to those who lost their lives and to celebrate the legacy of the Anzac spirit.

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Anzac Day Services Around the World

  • Australia

    Across Australia, commemorative services are hosted at dawn – the time of the original landing. Later in the day, there are marches and parades that take place across the country. In Canberra, the National Ceremony features a traditional order of service that begins with the Commemorative Address, and includes wreath laying, hymns, the sounding of the Last Post, observance of a moment of silence, and the national anthems of Australia and New Zealand.
  • New Zealand

    In New Zealand, Anzac Day is a public holiday, and many people will attend a dawn ceremony or attend a commemorative parade. In most cases, the parade and march will involve retired service personnel or family members wearing their medals, and it is not uncommon for cadets or defence service members to join in the parade. Wreaths are often laid to honour New Zealanders who have lost their lives in wars over the years. 
  • Turkey

    Anzac Day is just as important to the history of Turkey and is remembered in a number of ways as a defining moment in the history of the nation. To commemorate the event, individuals from around the world travel to the solemn battlefield site (Anzac Cove on the Gallipoli peninsula) on April 25th, where they will attend a dawn service. 

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Anzac Day Facts

  • What is Anzac Day?

    Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand, and is also celebrated in other cities around the world. One of the most popular ways that Anzac Day is commemorated, is by attending the dawn service on the Gallipoli peninsula at the site of the first landing. By attending this event on Anzac Day, it allows individuals to pay respect, but also to learn many important lessons from tracing the footsteps of the Anzacs, and these are lessons we should never forget.
  • When is Anzac Day?

    Anzac Day takes place on April 25th, and marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by the Australian and New Zealand military forces during the First World War. Services are held at dawn across the world to honour those who have fallen.
  • Why do we celebrate Anzac Day?

    Even though the mission failed, the actions of the Australia and New Zealand soldiers left a profound legacy known as the “Anzac Legend” which formed much of the identity of both nations. By the time the Allied forces were evacuated from the peninsula at the end of 1915, both sides had endured heavy casualties and devastating hardship. Australia and New Zealand lost over 8,000 soldiers during the campaign.
  • When did Anzac Day start?

    The first commemorations were held on April 25th, 1916 at many ceremonies and marches across Australia, New Zealand, and even in Egypt and London. During the 1920s, Anzac Day was established as a national day of remembrance for the 60,000 Australians and New Zealanders who died during the war. Many rituals were established in the 1930s which still play an important role in the commemorations today, including dawn vigils, memorial services, reunions, marches and two-up games.
  • What does Anzac stand for?

    ANZAC serves as an abbreviation for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. When Britain declared war in August 1914, Australia became its ally.
  • What is open on Anzac Day?

    In Australia and New Zealand, Anzac Day is a public holiday, meaning most supermarkets will operate with shorter trading hours from 1 pm onwards. Public transport will operate on a different timetable and will vary between each state, however, some cities may operate extra trains and buses for dawn services.

Gallipoli Peninsula Commemorations

Anzac Day Essentials

  • Make sure you are in good physical condition to walk up to 10 km
  • Your passport is required at the first validation checkpoint at Akbas
  • There are a few Turkish food vendors, but bring some of your own non-perishable food
  • Be patient—lines can be long at the multiple security screenings points
  • Pack an overnight bag for the 24 hours you’ll be attending commemoration events
  • Wear sturdy, comfortable walking shoes
  • Bring sunscreen and a hat for the daytime
  • Pack a warm jacket as temperatures can drop to below 0 in the early hours before the Dawn Service
  • Pack a warm blanket for the overnight vigil
  • Bring a sealed water bottle as there is no running water on the premises
  • Get your tour guide’s contact info in case you get separated

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