FAQs - HydroJug

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General Information

How much water does a HydroJug hold?

Our HydroJugs can hold up to 2200 milliliters or 73 ounces.

How cold does it keep the water?

The HydroJug Sleeve is built with premium Neoprene material to eliminate water bottle sweat and insulate your HydroJug, keeping it cool and fresh.

Product Care

We’re so glad you are interested in taking care of your HydroJug products. Please refer to the Product Care page for proper instructions and care tips.

Product Dimensions:

Classic/Pro HydroJug

28 cm x 14 cm Holds approximately 2.2 L of water (73 oz)


About 32 cm (12 in) when assembled, however the height may be adjusted by moving the silicone base of the straw up and down.


19 cm x 13 cm

Stainless Steel HydroJug

28.5 cm x 13.5 cm Holds approximately 1.89 L of water (64 oz)

Glass HydroJug

28 cm x 12.5 cm (with silicone sleeve) Holds approximately 1.89 L of water (64 oz)

Plastic core and pro:

Our plastic classic and pro bottles hold up to 73 oz.

They are sold separately from the straw but with the code STRAWDAY you will receive a free straw with your bottle purchase!

Not insulated but when paired with our neoprene sleeves they will keep cold 2-4 hrs.

These bottles are dishwasher safe. We recommend using the top rack.

Glass and stainless steel:

Our glass and stainless steel bottles hold up to 64 oz.

The stainless steel is insulated and can keep water cold for up to 24 hours.

Both come with a built in straw.

The glass bottle comes with a silicone sleeve.

The stainless steel bottles are hand wash only.

We do not recommend putting hot water your SS bottles


Our neoprene sleeves were designed for the plastic core and classic jugs but will fit the stainless steel ones as well.

The neoprene sleeves are safe to wash in a machine but we suggest removing the strap and laying the sleeve out to air dry.

Our sleeves and carriers are machine washable - just remove the strap!

We recommend laying them flat to air dry.


We suggesting soaking the straw in dishsoap or using a straw cleaning brush

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