From the filth infested sewers of Central New York has risen a man, myth and legend all in one... Jimmytheloch! His Poetry Slam career started in Oneonta, NY at an event known as "The BIG-O Poetry Slam". During his second year, the Oneonta Slam Team clenched a 2nd place victory, losing by mere decimals. After years of making that stage his bitch, Jimmytheloch evolved from the collegiate level to the national level. PSI declared Jimmytheloch as the 18th ranked poet in the country in 2005. Jimmytheloch also competed in the IWPS in Vancouver in 2007. While poetry is a large part of Jimmy's life, it is not the centerpiece. His music is full of life, as it reaches into the dark world of debauchery and grime. The result is Hip Hop in a very raw form. With albums and joint ventures such as Pray for Jimmy... A Mixtape, Corpus Callosum, Bolt Credo, Attack of the Lizardmen and A Blot on the Landscape, stars are beginning to align. Jimmytheloch is a poet, emcee, producer, musician, engineer, and friend. He continues to spew forth poetry in rhythmic flux and is currently working on his second solo album entitled "A Cult Following", which will drop in early July 2010.