Joseph LMS


Chapter 1 - Joseph LMS Green began his adult life as a Theatre Major at Virginia Commonwealth University where he was the Pres. of Theatre of Diverse Voices. While rapidly failing out of higher education a few of Joseph's successes were producing and directing two original plays and Twilight; the story of the '92 Los Angeles riots, by Anna Deavere Smith.

After his first attempt at college Joseph worked as a professional actor for Theatre IV out of Richmond Virginia. During his two and half years with Theatre IV Joseph help bring theatre to thousands of children in over 200 cities and 36 states. Joseph loved his time touring as a professional actor but most importantly he learned that he never wanted to do it again.

Upon returning to Richmond, VA and exploring a career as a furniture delivery guy, Joseph promptly quit his job and became a founding member of the infamous touring duo Gravity's Tongue. Along with his tour mate and current Intangible member T.J Natole, Joseph toured the great northeast, otherwise none as upstate New York. Following Gravity's Tongue's highest grossing tour to date Joseph tripped over a small bar in an even smaller town. The bar: The Black Oak Tavern. Location: The greatest little city excluding all other little cities, Oneonta NY.

Chapter 2 - While in Oneonta Joseph was the Author of the one man show "She is", where he collaborated with several artists of many disciplines to create a show with 6 original songs, a dance number, and original pieces of still art. He was the Black Oak Tavern Grand Slam Champion two years in a row which allowed him to represent Oneonta twice at the PSI National Poetry Slam.

Chapter 3 - Joseph LMS Green is residing in the great state of VA where he is the proud Coach of the Hayfield High school Forensics Speech Team and the co-sponsor of Hayfields first ever SLAM Poetry Club. He is breaking through a tiny 3 year long case of writer's block which has allowed him to start performing and slamming around the D.C and Richmond area.

Most recently Joseph has returned the PSI national stage representing the mighty SLAM RICHMOND. He is currently attempting to finish his degree and obtain a full time teaching position while continuing to tour and slam until the day he dies.

Chapter 4 - I love lamp.