Shara Bender


Shara Bender has been surfacing and resurfacing in the spoken word poetry scene since she was first introduced to the art in 2004. A self prescribed writer since 12 years old she began using the written word as a form of therapy to keep her afloat in the tidal wave of her adolescence. While studying Creative Writing at the State University of New York at New Paltz, she was introduced to Slam Poetry where she an alternate for the New Paltz Poetry 2004/2005 Slam Team.

Since college, Shara has gone on to work in Human Services working with at risk youth and survivors of domestic violence hoping to better their navigational skills through this tsunami called life. She has begun instructing artistic self realization/ healing workshops with DV survivors and thrives in helping those see the calm in the horizon.

Although Shara was the first place winner of the Lambda Upsilon Lambda 2011 Poetry Slam at RPI, she is not very fond of the spotlight. She is more comfortable emptying her energy into developing strong connections with those needing a north star in this abyss of endless ocean. She gives herself endlessly to those floating in the dark, carries life savers to exchange upon introductions and a compass just incase there is cloud cover when the sun goes down.