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Photography Tours & Trips

With the right guidance and support from a local expert, a photography tour is one of the best ways to combine your vacation with a creative learning experience where you can refine your photography skills. Whether you want to photograph the wildlife in Tanzania or you're chasing the northern lights in Europe, a photography tour is an amazing experience. 


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Types of photography tours

If you've decided you want your next adventure to be a photography tour, the next step is to consider what you'd like to photograph! There are several different kinds of photography tours, from wildlife photography in India to landscape photography in Europe and much more. 

Popular photography vacation packages

Private photography tours

Private photography tours

Add your personal touch to one of our ready-to-book adventures and enjoy a tour focused solely on your travel group. Whether you photograph the wildlife in India or chase the northern lights in Europe, the world is yours on a private tour.

If you're looking to book a tour for four people or more, send us a message and we'll do the hard work for you!

✓ Personal - make your adventure more you
✓ Private - enjoy a tour focused solely on your travel group
✓ Professional - access our Travel Experts’ insider knowledge

Popular destinations

Every good photographer knows that a great shot can be found nearly everywhere, but most can also agree that there are certain parts of the world that were just made to be photographed! On your photography tour, you can opt to photograph wildlife, nature, landscapes, or anything else that catches your eye. 

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What to expect on a photography tour

Before you choose your photography tour, make sure you know what kind of tour you'll be attending. Some tours act as photography workshops, during which travellers with little experience learn the basics of photography while being led by an expert guide. However, other photography tours are meant for experienced photographers looking for a new destination or subject to photograph. 

Who should go on a photography tour?

Travellers interested in photography of all kinds can enjoy a photography tour! Whether you're an experienced photographer who wants to explore a new destination while meeting like-minded people, or a beginner looking to learn from experienced guides while travelling, there's a photography tour that suits your needs.

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Photo tours for every type of traveller

Photography tours aren't just for expert photographers! You'll find a photography tour for every level of experience and every type of traveller. Solo travellers will love the chance to learn new skills and meet new people on the road. Senior travellers will find photography tours with a slower pace and more accessible excursions. There are even luxury photography tours available! No matter what you want to photograph and what kind of traveller you are, you can find a photography tour for you.

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  • What should I bring on the photography tour?

    As is often the case while travelling, we recommend you pack lightly! Photography tours require plenty of gear, such as lenses, tripods, and, of course, your camera. It's always a good idea to bring extra memory cards, batteries, and chargers, and dress in layers for those chilly sunrise shots. Keep in mind suitcase space will be limited.
  • How big is the group?

    The size of the group varies from tour to tour, but photography tour groups are usually small. Generally, travellers can expect anywhere from two people on a private tour, to up to 15. The size of the group will be adjusted to ensure optimal photography opportunities for everyone. 
  • What photography skills do I need to join the tour?

    While there are certainly photography tours out there for experts, generally speaking it's expected that there will be some beginners in a group. Being familiar with your gear and knowing your camera's basic settings is usually enough: your guide will help with the rest! 
  • Will there be a professional photographer on the tour?

    Usually, there will be a professional photographer on the tour who will be available to answer questions, give tips, and share their knowledge. However, this isn't always the case, and travellers should always check with their tour operators to learn who will be guiding the tour beforehand. 

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