They never used to ask if Mr. Jackson could sing.
Instead of looking for his voice
They ask him to hit his notes
Like the way his face hit the fire
Now all the media can say is
There is a terror
Lock your doors and hide your children
This monster
Can you see him?
On the ground he floats
It is sorcery
He is ferocious- KILL this beast
This undead pharaoh
He wants us to change the world
To keep on till our force stops us
But he is
Off his wall
Spilling blood on the floor
Where he sacrificed his disciples
Stop your siren song slave!
You are ghost
Not a sheet with eye holes
You are skeleton
You are maggot crusted sarcophagus
When you mutter your incantations
You spew mold honey with dried milk
You are a beast
Because you take from me my wonderment
And how I wish I knew what it was to be you.

See, you used to be gold
You used to be silver
Liquid metal, crystal shining
People would chant your name as if you were there to save them from their wretched lives
You were King
You were leader
The first and the best
And I wish I was your brother
I would never steal your thunder
But I would capture it in salt shakers so that we could sprinkle lightning
On everything sand that needed to be glass
Instead of extending your arms to the sun
You instead crawled inside your face and ate your way out
I'd beat that notion of beauty into you
So that you could learn to be comfortable in your own skin
Stop singing songs your 8 year old mind can't understand
There is no way that you found how to love a woman
Before you learned to shave your five o'clock disguise

You are immortal to the rest of us
A legend
You wear one glove
So you'd still keep your grip on reality
But instead of sliding over you slipped
I can see the seconds passing residue on your countenance

Your cheeks
Look like they want to meet your forehead
As if you were trying to kiss yourself to bed at night

You are a vampire with no reminiscence
I wonder if you can still smell your memories
You look like a carcass of regret after thanksgiving

It doesn't matter if your black or white you said
But don't talk as if you have a choice
You are Dracula now
Because you sucked the soul out of yourself
And you'll never see your reflection anymore
With the moon full
You tell gravity that it is for the weak
Nobody wants to know your story
They just want to watch you throw your innocence off a three story balcony.

I miss the way you made me feel before you thrilled me into pity
Before you walked on the moon
You left footprints in the beach of my soul
You made me move again
But in my own skin
Not the one society fitted me with
I wish I could tell you
That this is how life should be.
But you'll never listen because you're far too gone

The only way to be birthed
Is to return into the earth
and I want to save you, beast.

There is a song inside you yet, waiting to be sung.