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Russia Tours & Trips

Adventure awaits in Russia, from the gilded domes of the Kremlin and Moscow's Red Square, to the Russian Ballet in St. Petersburg. Boasting also one of the best art collections in the world at the Hermitage, the 10,000 kilometre journey on the Trans Siberian Railway and much more, there's a lot to uncover in Russia.

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  • Wander around the iconic Red Square, visit Lenin’s eternal resting place, and admire a treasure trove of imperial regalia inside Kremlin’s Armoury Museum in Moscow.
  • Step inside opulent palaces, discover Peter the Great’s historic legacy, and marvel at stunning arrays of artifacts and artwork in St. Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum.
  • Listen to pealing cathedral bells, gaze at domes on the horizon, and discover the regional flavours of hearty Russian cuisine in the ancient town of Suzdal.
  • Travel through remote wilderness and experience different cultures on an epic Trans Siberian Railway journey.
  • Explore an underwater world of sponge gardens and colourful marine life in the depths of Lake Baikal.
  • Dip into therapeutic, mineral rich Shumak springs that lie hidden within the stunning setting of alpine fields and the snow-capped Sayan Mountains.
  • Navigate tricky rapids and try out fishing as the river teems with wild pacific salmon and trout in Kamchatka’s vast wilderness.
  • Enjoy pulsating adventures on snowy slopes and go on a dog-sledding safari into Altai Republic’s beautiful taiga forests.


  • Never seen the spectacle of white nights, 24 hours of sunlight during peak summer weeks? Then St. Petersburg gives you the chance.
  • If you're a novice climber, try scaling Mt. Elbrus, a massive dormant volcano and continental Europe’s highest summit.
  • For a bit of adventure, head to Kamchatka for some heli-skiing.
  • You can observe polar bears in their natural habitat on the islands of Wrangel and Herald.
  • Take stunning photographs in the Kamchatka peninsula, home to amazing biodiversity and volcanic islands.
  • Taste Russian specialties like ‘Borscht’ (hot beetroot soup served with sour cream), ‘Blini’ (fish/caviar filled pancakes) and ‘Ponchiki’ (sugar doughnuts).
  • You can buy souvenirs like Matryoshka dolls, Palekh lacquered boxes, pottery figurines and metal tea samovars.
  • Sip on flavoured vodka, ‘Nastoika’ (fortified wine) and ‘Krushon’ (a compote made of brandy, champagne and summer fruits).

Russia Holiday and Vacation Packages Reviews

  • "The trip was a good mixture of of culture, sights and memorable experiences. The hotel accommodations were great and the tour guide was impeccable by providing us wth information on the heritage and culture of Russia. We visited some musuem, got to know the arts and history. There was also enough time for us to explore the city on our own. Overall, it was such an amazing experience that I would truly recommend."
    Visa-Free Trip to St.Petersburg, Russia
  • "We had the best accomodation when we visited St. Petersburg. During the trip, we were given a chance to choose some activities that we could do on our own. I liked the parties on the ferry but I think the city tour on a bus would be great since after the night of the party everyone will be too tired to walk long distances."
    Visa-Free Trip to St.Petersburg, Russia
  • "During our visa-free trip to St. Petersburg, there were some places that I wanted to visit but didn't have enough time, like monuments, taking the subway, see Lenin's sculpture and the summer palace. St. Petersburg is a huge place with a lot of fun things to do in just 72 hours but we still had a good time ."
    Visa-Free Trip to St.Petersburg, Russia