Intangible Slam Information

The Intangible Slam take place at Sidewalk Cafe (94 Ave A - New York, NY) at 7:30pm.

Our open slams will consist of three rounds. From the pool of the 8 poets in the first round, the top 5 scoring poets advance to the second round, and perform in order from high to low score. The top 2 poets at the end of the second round will move to the third round, and again perform in high to low order. The poet with the highest overall score after this round will be declared the winner.

All slams follow basic rules for PSI: No props, costumes, musical accompaniment. Work must be of the poet's original creation. There is a three minute time limit, with a ten second grace period, after which .5 will be detracted for each ten seconds over time.

The top four poets in any open slam gain points towards semi-finals and the grand slam.

There are three cycles, each consisting of four open slams (not including IWPS & WOWPS qualifiers). The top 8 poets by points will be invited to the semi-final. The winner and second-placed finisher move to the grand slam, with the winner guaranteeing her/himself a high draw in the grand slam. The second placed finisher is allowed and encouraged to continue slamming throughout the season to secure a high draw as well.

Poets, excluding semi-final winners, keep their point totals throughout the year. At the conclusion of the third semi-final, the two highest scoring poets not already in the grand slam by means of a semi-final win or 2nd place will also be added to the grand slam, for a total of 8 poets competing for the team.


1st - 15 points
2nd - 7 points
3rd - 3 points
4th - 1. 3 points

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