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Best Trips for Solo Travellers

Solo Tours & Trips

Travelling solo is one of the best ways to challenge yourself and get more out of adventures! When you travel alone, you get to choose when and how! Taking holidays by yourself doesn’t mean it will be just you and a bag, you’ll meet lots of people along the way and build meaningful connections! Imagine exploring one of the best solo travel adventures to Europe, India or hiking Machu Picchu?

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There's no better way to travel solo

Flying solo? That doesn’t mean you have to travel alone!

On an organised group adventure, you get the best of both worlds: a crew of ready-made friends to share your experiences with, and plenty of time to explore on your own. We’ve got thousands of tours tailored to solo travellers, so whether you want to reserve a private room or bunk with new pals, you’ll find your perfect adventure here!

Best Destinations for Solo Travellers

There are so many incredible countries to discover as a solo traveller. From fjords in New Zealand to island hopping in Thailand, the world just got a whole lot bigger! Find out where to go travelling alone: We list the most popular solo travel destinations.

Best Experiences for Solo Travellers

Experience astonishment and wonder by going on one of these incredible solo adventure holidays.

Tips on Travelling Alone

Planning a solo adventure can be tricky, but why should that stop you from seeing the world? Check out our top tips for travelling alone around the world!

  • Pick a focus of your adventure

    What is your favourite thing to do at home and away? Is it exploring bakeries? Checking out craft breweries? Drinking wine? Rock climbing or water sports? Whatever it is that you love doing, find an itinerary that focuses on something you enjoy doing and let it become the theme of your time away from home. This is a unique way to discover a new place and create memories when travelling alone!

  • Download podcasts and playlists

    Podcasts and music are the best way to elevate your downtime or moments spent travelling on trains, planes and buses getting from one location to the next. There’s a podcast for every single niche in the world, so no matter what you’re interested in or aspiring to be, there’s a podcast to inspire you! One of the most therapeutic experiences is going to an art museum and gallery and listening to your favourite Spotify playlist while looking at masterpieces created by the world’s greatest artists.

  • Find a portable hobby

    There are so many portable hobbies you can choose from; it’s not all about knitting! Writing and reading are the most obvious choices, but what about jewellery-making or flower pressing? You could also take your guitar or another musical instrument! Music is a great portable hobby for when you are travelling alone, firstly it’s a universal language that almost everyone loves, and it’s a great way to make friends. There will always be someone around who knows a verse or chorus of the greatest hits.

  • Be a traveller and not a tourist

    You’ve probably heard this statement many times and wondered what it means. In essence, it means losing yourself in a new place. Start by ditching your camera, guidebook and Google Maps and wander like you’ve never wandered before. Instead of scouring the Internet for answers, walk up to the locals and ask them - yes, even if there is a language barrier! The crux of being a traveller over a tourist is to experience challenges and to embrace them. Something which is easier to do when you travel alone.

  • Join group activities

    If you’ve ever done a meetup in your home city, you know how fun they can be! There’s nothing to stop you from doing this when visiting a new country, especially if you are travelling alone! If you’re an avid hiker or dancer, why not spend your adventure doing just that? The digital age has made it easy to connect with others and gather information on meet-ups happening around the world. Solo travel groups with activities that interest you are a great way to meet locals and make new friends!

  • Embrace your newfound freedom

    When you take a vacation with family members and friends, you have to juggle dates, destinations, personal tastes, travel styles, and so on! When flying solo, you get to be the boss. Wake-up when you want, see what you want, and spend every single day how you want to, instead of compromising and planning with your travel companions. Check our Last Minute Solo Travel Deals now!

Best European Tours for Solo Travellers

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Solo Tours by Continent

With an unlimited option of solo tour packages from hiking trips to cruises, that dream adventure is around the corner.

River Cruises for Solo Travellers

River cruises are one of the most unique ways to explore the world, and perfect for when you are going it alone!

Why We Love Travelling Solo

The advantage of travelling alone is you build connections! Solo travellers get out of their comfort zone much quicker and find themselves interacting with locals sooner.

  • You learn to enjoy your own company

    Travelling alone doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. One of the greatest lessons a human being can learn during their time in this world is learning to enjoy their own company. Having a connection with yourself requires a lot of time and focus, something we don’t come by easily when we are in our normal routine back home. Travelling alone is the perfect time to learn to enjoy your own company and invest time in having a relationship with yourself.

  • You become self-reliant

    There’s more to travelling alone than being able to do whatever you want! Relying on yourself in an unfamiliar place, where even the local tongue is unknown to you is an empowering experience. The benefits of travelling alone outweigh any struggles; we’re capable of much more than we realize. Trusting your instincts, figuring things out solo and being self-reliant are invaluable skills and rewarding life lessons. Every female solo traveller will tell you this.

  • You have time to catch up

    Have you ever found that when you’re travelling is when you want to binge watch your favourite show or connect with people you haven’t caught up with in a while? Cramming in one sight after another isn’t the only way to take a trip. Life can get hectic, but when you travel alone, you have time to slow down and catch up. From that pile of books on your ever-growing reading list and all the friends you keep thinking of to all the things you don’t have time for back home, your solo trip is the perfect time to catch up on pleasurable activities.

  • You make new friends more easily

    Travelling with friends and family is great, but it's easy to stay within your comfort zone and spend your time with them. When you take a solo trip, your eyes open to the ample opportunities and ease of meeting new people (that sadly are often missed when you have travel companions). In general, people travelling alone are open to new experiences, including making new friends when you place yourself in an environment of like-minded people. No single supplement tours are especially ideal for this.

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