Static and Other Lungless Things
Poems by The Intangible Collective


Static And Other Lungless Things is the culmuntation of nearly a decade of collaboartion by 28 women and men and aliens known presently as the Intangible Collective. The Intangibles represent the city and sky. the bark and the bite. the hum and fuzz of biology. Static...magnifies itself specifically in the medium of treemeat and squid-ink. This book, written with the roman alphabet and the english language is a manifestation of 12 of the collective's most athletically poetic members. Sound without a source, breath without neck, fire without smoke, Static, is the first of three volumes authored by members of the Intangibles, published by Penmanship Books, and commissioned by lighning-struck panda bears.

The Intangible Collective © 2010