Assorted videos by The Intangible Collective:

New York City (Bamboo MC)
Pieces Of Mine (Benjamin John)
Stutter (Carmen Mojica)
Fat (Caroline Rothstein)
School Poem (Edy Mac)
West Coast Winds (Fritz)
Stalker (Izzy)
She Likes It Rough (Jimmytheloch)
Trilogy (Joseph LMS)
143 (Kerri Shaffer)
Makeup (Kristen Tomanocy)
Farmers Market (Matthew Siegel)
Sankofa (Miles Sandler)
What Would Jesus Do (Omni)
Flash Forward (Saint Peace)
Blueprints (Sean Gallagher)
Paper Dolls (Sierra DeMulder)
Public Service Announcement (TJ Natole)
Phone Sex (Zev)

Team Pieces:

I Am From (Textbook Execution)
Shut The Fuck Up (Textbook Execution)
No Homo (Textbook Execution)
Epitaph (Diction Your Mouth)
Tabloids (Diction Your Mouth)
God of Silence (Diction Your Mouth)
How White Are You? (Diction Your Mouth)
Britney Spears (Bamboo MC & Omni)
Requiem Of Human Percussion (Eden Connelly & Omni)
Thick Like Love (Caroline Rothstein & Fritz)
Explosions (Zev & Matthew Siegel)
No Point Of View (Sean Gallagher & Dan Stalter)
Laid (Sean Gallagher & Saint Peace)
Weaponry (Dan Stalter, Izzy, Jimmytheloch)
Movies (Dan Stalter, Izzy, Jimmytheloch)
Nuclear Winter (Dan Stalter, Izzy, Jimmytheloch)
Poet's Poem (Dan Stalter, Izzy, Jimmytheloch)
Hatrix (Bamboo MC & Jimmytheloch)
Anslinger (Bamboo MC & TJ Natole)
Explosions (Zev & Matthew Siegel)

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